9F, 5M – flexible

Ora and Eddie, best friends since elementary school, fall in love with the city on their bikes. But when Eddie is hit by a car and killed, Ora refuses to let him go, riding beneath the city to have one last conversation with her friend. But the city won’t part with Eddie’s soul so easily. Jumping off from Greek, African, and Chinese mythology, Ghost Bike is a mash-up of underworld and after-life, from the seats of fixies, BMX’s and ten-speeds.


Upcoming February-March 2014

Professional world premiere, Buzz22 Chicago at Red Tape Theatre

dir. Sara Sawicki

February 2013

Production, San Francisco University High School, San Francisco

dir. Susannah Martin

January 2013

Remount of Carthage College production at the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival, Region III – Saginaw Valley State University, Michigan

dir. Herschel Kruger

February 2012

World premiere, Carthage College, Kenosha

dir. Herschel Kruger